Jonti-Craft, Inc. Machine Operator - 1st shift in Wabasso, Minnesota

This position operates a complex machine. This includes understanding and overseeing the quality production of all the parts created. It also involves the upkeep and maintenance of the area surrounding the machine. The machine operator also coordinates and works closely with the upcoming shift operator to determine any needs that may arise regarding changeover. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Understands the basic start up and shut down of the machine. 2. Responsible for implementing the training aspects of the machine in conjunction with the supervisor. 3. Basic understanding of programing with an understanding of how to locate and maneuver through the programs needed to operate the machine. 4. Basic understanding of or willingness to learn all codes of the machine and its programs. 5. Understanding the quality process and when it is required to change a blade and the process required to re-order a blade or sharpen. 6. A good understanding of maintenance with a mechanical ability to determine any issues. 7. Ability to communicate with QA in case a need arises to review a part or quality issue. 8. Basic understanding of all the maintenance required on the machine. 9. Complete understanding of all quality guidelines. 10. Understanding of how to switch between melamine and birch. 11. Presence in the workplace is an essential function of this job. ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Complete understanding of the importance of end of shift cleaning of the machine and general maintenance. Excellent inter-shift communication skills so at time of changeover the machine can be turned over to the next shift in complete working shape. Understanding of status of work load and or machine needs.

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