MPG Utility Melt in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Description/Job Summary


Perform various support or relief duties throughout the Melt Department. THIS POSITION is eligible for a $1000 sign on bonus through September!!


  1. Perform pressure pour tender, converter truck driver, and additional melt duties as required.

  2. Assist in or perform refractory repairs on furnace, ladles, spouts, etc.

  3. Assist melter and assistant melter with operations, operational maintenance, and deslagging of furnaces.

  4. Notify supervisor of any quality, mechanical or delay problems and take corrective action as instructed.

  5. Utilize delay time constructively by doing housekeeping or other area improvement activities.

*Additional *

  1. Perform crane operations with the ability to meet production requirements.

  2. Participate in area continuous improvement efforts including employee involvement activities.