Quanex Building Products Optimizer Loader/Counter in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Optimizer Loader/Counter

Plant Operations
St. Cloud, Minnesota



Woodcraft Industries, a division of Quanex Building Products is currently seeking an Optimizer Loader/Counter in our roughmill department working on the day shift.

Job Summary: The Loader/Counter is responsible for monitoring customer orders; monitoring the status of materials being cut, and informing Markers of lengths and characteristics needed in order to maximize yield.

Job Duties:

  • Receive direction from the supervisor and notifies the supervisor when more work is needed.

  • Maintain the work area, machinery, and tools in a neat, clean, and orderly fashion.

  • Follow all safety procedures, rules, and guidelines; and notifies the supervisor of any existing or potential safety issues.

  • Follow all standard operating procedures and notifies the supervisor of potential procedural improvements.

  • Assist in other work areas when the workload permits or requires.

  • Cooperate with and support and assist in training co-workers and gets involved as a team player.

  • Meet or exceed the production standards for the position.

  • Accurately, thoroughly, and legibly completes all documentation related to this position; i.e., production reports, accurate time keeping, HR x HR reports, etc.

  • Observe closely the operation of tools and machinery and notifies the supervisor immediately of malfunctions or maintenance that may be needed.

  • Monitor product constantly to ensure that quality standards are being met, and rejects product that does not meet quality standards.

  • Assess the status of work in progress at the beginning of the shift.

  • Review customer orders, the availability of materials, and determines the number, width, and lengths of materials to be cut. Request filler sizes and line orders for 98” prior to needing them and chops 96” inventory when live orders are not available.

  • Write lengths needed on board for Markers and Operators to see, and revises as needed throughout the shift.

  • Answer Markers’ questions regarding orders and their requirements.

  • Assist in the training of Optimizer Pilers.

  • Maintain communication with Optimizer Pilers to ascertain the quantities of the various lengths that are being produced.

  • Assist Optimizer Pilers when time allows.

  • Coordinate the dumping of rework bins.

  • Complete production reports daily.

  • Balance the number of people, markers to pilers, so everyone is working at a fast pace.

  • Perform related work as required.

Job Qualifications:

Education - High School

Job Related Experience - 18 monthsPrevious manufacturing experience preferred