Tucs Equipment CNC Shop Assistant in Princeton, Minnesota

Operator places automatic tool-changer magazine or machine tool holders according to programmed operation sequence. Operator makes the determination of the part being secure on the fixture in the machine. Activates control panel switches and keyboard buttons to control the machine console to go through various stages such as warm-up, align, cycle and stop the machine. Upon completion of the machining operations, the operator will extract parts from the fixture. Operator will have his/her work area clean at all times. On occasion, the operator may be assigned to conduct general cleaning in their department area. For the sake of keeping the operation moving, the operator may be required the movement of his/her own material to or from an adjoining department using a work saver piece of equipment. Prepare and load raw materials and parts onto the machines Supervise the machines while they execute the tasks and make any necessary adjustments to produce a better result Inspect and measure finished products and compare them with requirements to determine if the process has been completed properly