Len Busch Roses 2nd Shift Shipping Supervisor in Plymouth, Minnesota

Develops and manages all aspects of order fulfillment to ensure that customer s orders are being fulfilled and packaged accurately and on-time to meet delivery schedules. Selects and trains all assigned order fulfillment personnel to provide for the most efficient and accurate work flow. Is responsible for implementing Lean principles, writing standard processes supporting lean principles, and auditing employees' standard work. Mentors employees on lean practices including instilling a sense of lean culture and holding them and yourself accountable to sustaining all process and expectations. Values the learning process and the changes that can happen by learning new things. Develops strong delegation skills so that they are able to create time to work on lean. Plans and maintains staff levels/schedules based on metric driven models which forecast sales and hourly output rate of the order filling staff. Maintains and publishes a rolling seven day schedule for the staff. Establish and maintains daily performance metrics which support key company measures and are early indicators of problems. Post the metrics and review the results with the staff. Quickly takes corrective action like more training, process improvements, or writing or updating standard processes. Ensures that all key tasks have standard processes written and are followed at all times by all employees. Audits standard processes and reports pass/fail weekly. Encourage others to develop new ideas to continually update and improve standard processes based on productivity, safety and quality. Is responsible for training all staff in all aspects of order filling to the extent each order filler is proficient in all product areas. Maintains a skill matrix showing employees proficiency in each task. Reports weekly to the management team activities they have in place to improve metrics which are below goal. Ensures loading schedules are met, works with the transportation supervisor build load schedules which support customer delivery requirements and best order filling methods. Maintains 6S standards at all times. Has or is developing skills in Microsoft Office products, especially Excel and Word. Manage and serve as a resource to Order Fillers in the activities of that department and improve processes and organization in that department by eliminating hurdles. Hold Order Fillers accountable for maintaining their area and reducing shipping issues. Review credits daily and pass along to order filling, inventory control and bouquet production. Participate in budgeting and maintain overtime, at a reasonable percent, costs in this area. Monitor and maintain appropriate inventory levels of required supplies. Supervise the safety, orderliness and cleanliness of work areas to ensure that all safety requirements are maintained and safety and cleanliness inspections are conducted on a regular basis by leads. Communicate with other supervisors to be able to close out the day.