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Viracon T2 Auto-Seamer Operator in Owatonna, Minnesota

Shift Details: SMT Days LG: 5 Responsabilities include: Running, troubleshooting, and performing TPMs on the Ashton Auto Seamer. Turning it on E-Stop recovery Selecting different batch modes Multi load loading Manual seaming set up Belt changes Inspect seam quality LOTO Cleaning rolls, seamer heads etc Perform support duties Troubleshooting Logo changes Furnace change procedures for the Auto Seamer Physical Requirements: HEAVY 1. Functional lifts/carries a. Floor to waist 20# Floor to waist 50# Floor to waist 75# Frequent Occasional Rarely b. Horizontal Lift 20# Horizontal Lift 50# Horizontal Lift 75# Frequent Occasional Rarely c. Waist to shoulder 20# Waist to shoulder 50# Frequent Occasional d. Forward Reach / Rotational Reach Frequent 2. Functional push / pull a. Push 75# force b. Pull 75# force Frequent Frequent Viracon is an Equal Opportunity Employer Equal Employment Opportunity/Women/Minorities/Protected Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities