Wenger Corporation Custom Cell Lead in Owatonna, Minnesota

To better balance the needs of your personal life, Wenger Corporation provides best-in-class, family-friendly scheduling for our manufacturing team. Our flexible options include four 10-hour shifts and overtime Fridays. And when the unexpected does arise, we'll work with you to help you be where, and when, you are needed most. Position Objective: The responsibility of the Cell Lead in the Customs area is to perform any and all of the various Custom Product Line #23 products, which includes wood panels and metal fabrication and assemblies, manufacturing processes including but not limited to machine set up, adjustment, operation; technical direction to others; and as a plant-wide resource under minimal supervision. To plan, schedule and direct all assigned cell operations in the most effective, efficient manner during production. To provide technical guidance, troubleshooting, direct "hands-on" assistance and effective work direction in a manner which consistently contributes to achievement of production plans within established quality/quantity, time and cost parameters. Job Description Performs standard work for Lead position Maintains a safe area, developing and maintaining 5S standards All safety policies and procedures are followed consistently and looking for opportunities for improvement Daily/hourly Standard Work for lead Identify opportunities to move/reassign team members Perform quality/Inspection Sign-off Monitors output and provides immediate feedback to team Update ADP punch in/punch out - Daily Approve PTO in ADP according to policies and calendar availabilities Reviews, prioritizes and schedules work orders to make the best use of available time, money and personnel Demonstrated knowledge of overall manufacturing processes and special considerations related to Custom Products enables the prompt identification of errors in production orders and/or drawings and the questioning of "unusual" production requests long before production begins To establish a good working relationship with DE, ME, Applications and Planning The ability to provide effective work direction and technical expertise, many times through example, helps ensure more depth in the workforce and the best possible overall performance to production plans Works closely with the Customs Department lead person and Unit Manager in evaluating results being achieved, sharing information, observations and recommendations for improvements in processes and practices. Ability to achieve the estimated cost estimates as provided by Applications. Sets up, adjusts, and operates Customs Dept. area assembly machines as scheduled or required, in addition to performing any other processes scheduled or required to support overall manufacturing. Troubleshoots and expedites the production process as planned and scheduled to minimize delays and downtime Performs production work as scheduled or required in a thorough and timely manner Maintains a complete, up-to-date set of production drawings of parts and assemblies, raw materials and purchased parts in addition to the related paperwork, reports and forms necessary to plan, track, perform and evaluate production results being achieved in the department. Trouble shoots issues as they arise. Monitors the status of assigned work, looking for the need or opportunity to help others inside or outside the Customs PL#23 departments in completing their particular duties to achieve established schedules within quality standards The ability to move quickly and independently from one duty to another with no loss of quality or quantity is consistently demonstrated The characteristics, attitudes, skills and abilities valued by Wenger are consistently demonstrated by performance on the job Coworkers easily and willingly accept such suggestions offered in a manner which reinforces the cooperative teamwork environment Develops, maintains and continually broadens the skill and knowledg