Spherion Staffing Solutions CABINET MAKER in Owatonna, Minnesota

Perform general carpentry work to include constructing cabinets, counters, shelves, doors, and other products from solid wood, flat-panel, or wood-based products by using woodworking machines and hand tools. May perform the following tasks: Interpret drawings to determine measurements and specifications required to construct cabinets and counters Set up and operate such woodworking machines as jointer, molder, and shaper to cut and shape lumber from stock Select and prepare wood and manufactured board and mark out, cut and shape pieces Trim and glue joints and fit parts together to form sections of cabinets and counters using hand tools such as planes, chisels or wood files Place sections in clamps, apply pressure and reinforce joints with nails, dowels, and screws make jigs, templates or prototypes for the production of cabinets and counters Bore holes for insertion of screws or dowels by hand or by use of a power drill sand and scrape surfaces and joints of articles in preparation for finishing Stain and finish cabinets and counters Install hardware such as hinges, locks, catches, drawer pulls and knobs Check complete work for adherence to designated dimensions and specifications Install cabinets and counters Repair damaged cabinets and counters