The Kraft Heinz Company General Labor - Regular Slice in New Ulm, Minnesota

General Labor - Regular Slice The Kraft Heinz Company is revolutionizing the food industry - we will be the most profitable food company powered by the most talented people with unwavering commitment to our communities, leading brands and highest product quality in every category in which we compete. As a global powerhouse, Kraft Heinz represents over $26 billion in revenue and is the 5th largest food and beverage company in the world. At Kraft Heinz, to be the BEST food company, growing a BETTER world is more than a dream - it is our GLOBAL VISION. To be the best, we want the best - best brands, best practices and, most importantly, the best people. Job Description The Regular Slice Miscellaneous person is responsible to their Supervisor, to have the knowledge of quality specifications of the individual's packages and cased product. This person will work from brief verbal communication and is expected to perform without close supervision. The work requires simple mathematical skills such as addition and subtraction. They must have the ability to read code dates, op dates for supplies, fill out quality checklists and perform inspection processes for the line checks. This individual must be able to upgrade to other classified jobs in the department. This person is an important part of the QCDSM lifestyle and of the crew for which they are assigned. They are expected to participate in Green Room Meetings, discuss the previous days production run and submit ideas that assist the department in making improvements to it's processes and procedures. Must be familiar with LEAN Manufacturing and assist with 6 Sigma Projects. Job Responsibilities: Production: Salvage damaged packages. Perform line checks at proper intervals and documents. Set up barrel ticket computer. Refer to instructions attached to computer. Blow pump out barrelswith chicken feet. Change and cover barrels and mark with ticket with proper information. Assist Case Packer Operator with problems and be alert for smash-ups. If palletizer or case packer is not running, stack off product. If case packer machine goes down, stack off product. Watch line for out of spec. product. Able to communicate with Operator and/or Line Tech on product or packaging issues. Knowing the differences with the product numbers and the product. Assist belt op in cleaning pipes when needed. Knowledge and understanding of what to do on start-ups, changeovers, and shutdowns. Knowing what is good product and unfit product and discarding properly. Sanitation: Directly responsible for housekeeping in their area. Responsible for properly following all GMP's. Know all chemicals and cleaning products in the area, and knowledge of the MSDS's. Be responsible for required paperwork. Help train new employees. Quality: Maintain quality attitude at all times. Observe code dates. Check for quality packaging. Check for proper labeling. Check for proper barrel labeling. Equipment Operated: Electric hand truck. Barrel hoist. Diverter and light switches for the palletizer. Value of Material: Cheese is valued at $1.10 - $1.40 per pound. Lack of proper attention could result in inconveniences, costs and delay. Department production rates range up to 290#/minute or 140,000#/shift. Lifting Requirements: Moderate - Must be able to lift or pull an 80# pallet off a stack not more than 6 high and place it in position to stack on cases. Must stack off up to 40# cases at a height regulated by the variety of cheese running on that shift. One stack off person may handle close to 100,000 lbs. of cheese in a shift. Must be able to slide 450# - 500# barrel of cheese to a pallet. Working Conditions: Fair - Working conditions may be strenuous and hectic. Temperatures of work area vary. Other work hazards are moderate, fairly predictable and controllable. Safety: Must follow all safety rules. Use LO/TO when it is necessary. Knowing your pinch points. Wearing safety glasses when using air hoses. P