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Twin City Die Castings Company Die Cast Operator, 1st Shift - 2 immediate openings!-DIECA01227-00001 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Position SummaryCasting department personnel are generally required to operate one or more die casting machines (DCM) in strict compliance with approved processes. During casting operations they are responsible for achieving die casting quality and the periodic recording of process readings related to process effectiveness. Casting operations require a substantial number of manual operations such as machine cycle start, hand spraying, positioning of inserts in die cast tool, de-flashing parts and dies, removing hot die castings from the machine, visually inspecting die castings and taking measurements to ensure conformance to specification.Responsibilities/Duties/TasksObserve continuous operation of manual and/or automatic machines to ensure that products meet specifications and to detect malfunctions, making adjustments as instructed.Measure and visually inspect products for surface and dimension defects in order to ensure conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments.Set up, operate, or tend metal casting machines to cast metal parts or products.Position and secure work pieces on machines.Remove finished products from dies using hand tools, air hoses and other equipment.Trim excess material from parts.Place product into appropriate container.Install dies onto machines or presses, then coat dies with parting agents, according to work order specifications.Accurately record production transactions and work time.Responsible for knowing and following all environmental, health and safety rules, policies, and procedures for work area and takes responsibility to assure that personal work activity is conducted in such a way so as to not affect the safety of themselves or others.All other duties as assigned.CompetenciesReliability/Dependability Definition: Demonstrates a high level of dependability in all aspects of the job.Ability to learn quickly Definition: Ability to learn and properly apply new job-related information in a timely manner.Basic Math and Measurement Definition: Ability to perform basic measurement and basic math tasks.Basic Communication Skills Definition: Basic ability to read, to write and to comprehend verbal instructions in English including safety, work instruction, LMS training, etc. Basic ability to verbally communicate in English.Ability to follow work instructions Definition: Ability to read, understand and follow work written work instructions and procedures.Initiative/Self Motivated Definition: Acts without being directed. Proactively follows through on work activities and goals to capitalize or resolve them. Has personal desire to improve or enhance processes, avoid problems, and/or develop opportunities.Planning .and. Organization Definition: Effectively managing ones time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently. Ensures that regular, consistent communication takes place within area of responsibility.Equipment Operation Definition: Knowledge of appropriate procedures for using, and ability to use specific equipment or machines to meet defined quality and quantity standards.Core CompetenciesSafety Oriented Definition: Performs jobs in a manner that minimizes hazards to self, others and the environment. Maintains a physical work environment that contributes to the well-being of others. Being aware of conditions or circumstances that affect ones own safety or the safety of others.Quality Oriented Definition: Produces results or provides service that meets or exceeds set standards. Monitors and checks work to meet quality standards; demonstrates a high level of care and thoroughness; checks work to ensure completeness and accuracy.Integrity Definition: Demonstrates responsibility for the image of TCDC.Productivity Focused Definition: Makes effective use of all equipment and tools available to maintain high productive output without sacrificing qualityCustomer Focused Definition: Builds and maintains internal and external customer satisfacti