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Le Sueur Incorporated Machine Operator- Perm Mold (1st Shift) in Le Sueur, Minnesota

Machine Operator - Perm Mold (1st Shift) Proficiently operates molding, injection, machining, casting, CNC and other manufacturing machines. Rotates to operate on various machines and various processes to fabricate products ranging from simple to elaborate. Generally works at an assigned work station. Does Not ordinarily perform machine setups, but does assist. Maintains equipment and performs lesser repairs. Inspects for quality, defects, and deviations from specifications. Responsible for quality of work and to appropriately resolve unusual operating conditions. Work is generally concentrated on similar machines and processes and operations. May assemble, pack and/or package a wide variety of products or materials. May occasionally operate a forklift. All other duties as assigned. Potential Duties: Operates different types of molding machines and furnaces in order to produce metal castings for LSI customers Weighs specified amounts of ingots or scrap and loads metal into furnace. Turns valve to regulate temperature in the furnace Fluxes furnace, skims dross, slag, or impurities from molten metal furnace Sprays related equipment and applies thermowash to molds Dips hand ladle into furnace pot and pours molten metal into mold. May transport ladle from furnace to pouring station, using jib or monorail crane. Removes casting from mold with hand tools, and examines casting for defects, such as cracks, chips, and missing metal. Maintains process parameters by accept / reject counts, meeting customer specification. Saws gates and risers off of castings. Does basic preventative maintenance on molding machine prior to set up