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Job Information

Metal Technologies Inc. General Labor in Hibbing, Minnesota

General Summary: Responsible for separating castings from gating risers and directing castings to the blast. Operates tumbler and sweeper. General clean-up as needed.

Essential Functions:

Essential functions “are those functions that the individual who holds or desires the position must be able to

perform unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. A job function may be considered

essential if:

  • The position exists for performance of the function;

  • A limited number of employees can perform the function, and it, therefore cannot be

reassigned; or

  • The function is specialized and requires certain expertise to perform it.

In determining essential functions, consider whether removal or redistribution of certain tasks is possible.

Would removal of the task fundamentally alter the position?


Respirator Safety Shoes Safety Goggles

Ear Protection Clear Face Shield Cooling Hardhat

Hard Hat Gloves Protective Sleeves

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Manually separate castings from gating risers, by using brass hammer or wedgers

  • Maintain a clean work area

  • Clean up different areas of the plat as directed

  • Adhere to all safety practices

  • Perform any other duties as assigned by supervisor

Physical Requirements

(Minimum: greater than once per week and less than 25 minutes of 8 hour work cycle. Occasional: less than 1/3. Frequent: 1/3 to 2/3. Constant: over 2/3 of work cycle.)

Sitting Minimum

Standing Constant Up to 2 hours at one time

Walking Constant Up to 7 hours

Foot Use Minimum

Below waist Level Work Occasional 26 lbs from 40 inches to floor (removing clamps from tumbler cover)

Climbing Occasional Climbing to level 2, vertical ladder to tumbler

Push / Pull Frequent 5-10 lbs of push force (push hot sprue off level 2 line)

Occasional Up to 50 lbs pull force (Loosen bolts on tumbler)

Balance Frequent Needed to ascend/descend stairs, vertical ladders, stand on cat walk next to tumbler, stand on platform next to shaker

Physical Requirements: LIFTING

(Minimal - Once per hour. Occasional - Less than 15 lifts per hour. Frequent - between 15 and 30 lifts per hour. Constant - More than 30 per hour.)

0 – 10 lbs Frequent Buckets of sand, tossing sprue, brass hammers

11 – 20 lbs Occasional

21 – 35 lbs Occasional

36 – 50 lbs Minimum

51 – 75 lbs Minimum

76 – 100 lbs Minimum

Over 100 lbs Minimum

Physical Requirements: UPPER EXTREMITIES

(Minimum: greater than once per week and less than 25 minutes of 8 hour work cycle. Occasional: less than 1/3.

Frequent: 1/3 to 2/3. Constant: over 2/3 of work cycle.)

Reaching over 15” away from the body Frequent Reaching for sprue


Reaching above shoulder Minimum


Fine Motor Frequent

Forceful Motion Frequent Using brass hammers

Sensory Requirements

Vision Constant Near Acuity: 20 in. or less (visual monitoring of castings and sprue)

Far Acuity: 20 ft. or more (moving through plant, occasional operation of front end loader)

Depth Perception: (moving throughout plant, occasional operation of front end loader)

Color Vision: N/A

Hearing Constant Communicating via radio, warning alarms, forklift back up alarm, communicating with

coworkers and supervisors

Speech Constant Communicating via Radio and with coworkers and supervisors

Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.

External Company Name: Metal Technologies Inc.

Street: 555 W 25th Street