JLG Industries PAINTER in Dodge Center, Minnesota


This position is responsible for applying primer and topcoat to commercial vehicles using spray gun equipment and techniques. Painters must follow high quality standards to minimize defects and exceed customer standards.


  1. Inspect units and parts scheduled to be painted

  2. Clean and wipe down vehicles

  3. Mix paints and primers to exact specifications ordered by the customer

  4. Paint in detailed and large-scale settings, primarily on refuse and concrete mixer truck parts and truck bodies

  5. Utilizes both large and small spraying equipment for appropriate areas of painting including compressors, sandblasters and other power equipment

  6. Maintain painting equipment to ensure proper performance

  7. Inspect painted units for flaws occurring in the initial painting process

  8. Sand and prepare surfaces for repairing any imperfections

  9. Clean paint booth and equipment with the use of solvents

  10. Identification, safe handling, and appropriate disposal of materials

  11. Train as a hazardous waste material handler as required under the EPA/DNR requirements (40CFR 265.17)

  12. Acquire knowledge of OSHA and EPA requirements

  13. Train and work in various areas of production in response to production demands

  14. Follow verbal and written work instructions

  15. Regular attendance required

  16. Attention to detail necessary to adhere to quality standards

  17. Maintain a safe and clean work environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations

  18. Regular attendance required

  19. All other duties and responsibilities that are assigned


  • High School Diploma or GED

  • 6+ months of experience in a paint-related occupation

  • Ability to successfully complete pulmonary function test to obtain respirator certification


1+ year(s) of experience spray painting in a manufacturing industry