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CNH Industrial CNC Machine Operator - 2nd shift in Benson, Minnesota

Overview Responsible for performing various tasks to set up, operate, monitor, troubleshoot and perform preventive maintenance on CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, such as Lasers, VMC's, Plasma Torches, and Lathes. They will also be responsible for inspecting parts to specifications and making adjustments, or tool changes as necessary to maintain quality specifications. Responsibilities 1) Set-up and manage CNC machines to perform different jobs including drilling, grinding and milling. 2) Translate engineering drawings and requirements into dimensions for production. 3) Translate instructions into computer commands so the machines can perform the correct function 4) Prepare and load raw materials and parts onto the machines 5) Ensure the CNC machine operates in accordance with the guidelines of the company. 6) Set machines to complete full cycles to fabricate large number of parts. 7) Prepare a test run to check if the machines produce outputs according to specifications 8) Oversee the machines while they execute the tasks and make the necessary changes to produce improved results. 9) Check machinery on a daily basis to guarantee functionality. 10) Record all machine actions by completing production and quality logs. 11) Communicate logistics issues that arise in the process of creating a part. 12) Ensure that results of machining process align with expectations. 13) Responsible for inspection of parts, SPC, TPM, teamwork, accuracy, inventory control as required, total quality, employee involvement, cost reductions, and training new operators. 14) Maintain necessary records. 15) Move materials as necessary in the performance of duties. 16) Detect and report improper operation, faulty equipment, defective materials and unusual conditions to proper supervision. 17) Maintain work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition. 18) Follow all standard operating procedures and established practices and processes. 19) Perform other duties as required or directed. Qualifications Equivalent knowledge and related or similar experience running CNC equipment. Prior experience on Whitney or Mazak equipment and/or the use of a Mazatrol Matrix Controller is a plus. Knowledge of G and M codes. Programming experience is a plus. Strong computer and math skills. Must be able to read blueprints, and maintain specified tolerance and finish requirements, replace broken, dull or worn tools; read shop orders process sheets specifications; use a variety of precision measuring instruments. Maintain the work area according to WCM standards.